Thumb Twiddling Mode

With plans generally made for a long trip to the east coast, I’ve been in thumb-twiddling mode for almost 2 months now since ordering the RV. But it’s been an active bit of twiddling. So maybe not thumb twiddling, maybe more like finger drumming. A lot of planning is required for a possibly 2 to 3 month trip, particularly the first time out. First of all, stuff for The Rig: things like a torque wrench (all those lug nuts on 8 tires), surge protection for hooking up to power at who-knows-where (with adapters for accommodating to 50 amp or 30 amp power), hoses for drinking water and sewer connections, water pressure regulators, special toilet paper and chemicals for the onboard waste tank…the list goes on and on. Then there’s just the everyday stuff: sheets for a queen bed, towels, blankets, flashlights and bug repellent, what food to take, dishes, pots, yada yada yada.

There is also the challenge of plotting a route: where to stop, do they have electrical and waste hookups, can they handle a rig my size? Interstate or back roads?  Gotta avoid congestion at rush hours. Can’t take a road with low clearances, since I need to clear at least 13’6″. There’s a nice app called RV Trip Wizard that provides much of the needed info, including fuel locations and other amenities. I’m working on learning how to use it and will post a screen shot of my route once it’s a bit more tied down.

So the RV should be ready for pickup around the middle of the month. The Chevy truck should be ready soon, which will be a separate learning curve in itself since I’ve never driven a one-ton truck. Much to learn. Far from a Jedi.

drumming fingers


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