You Say Tarp, I Say Trap

Yes, today was Shove Off Day. The destination was Abilene and I made it (375 miles). But the shove off was delayed a couple of hours while I futzed around with a tarp over the back of the truck. I have a good bit of stuff back there and with rain forecast all along the way I felt the need to keep the powder dry. I bought a tarp the other day purportedly 8′ x 6′, which should have been just the right size, but apparently tarps are sold in nominal dimensions because it was a bit too small. So I went back and got the next larger size, which of course is too big. When you pull it on it covers up the taillights. Ergo: futzing. After bungee cords and duck tape and 4 stops along the way to re-rig it one way or another, I rolled into Abilene looking like something Jethro Bodine would drive. But, only 20 miles to Baird tomorrow and then I’ll be able to offload all the stuff into the RV.

On the bright side, got to have lunch at Chuys in Bryan with my pal Reneee. She was kind enough to slip me some of her delicious canned goodies. Her tomato jam is Da Bomb. Looking forward to trying some puttanesca sauce too.



first stop Bryan

Oh, another good thing: I haven’t yet realized what I forgot to bring.

Rain most of the day, but a Sailor’s Delight sunset, heading west on I-20 about 30 miles out of Abilene:


Tomorrow it gets real.



One thought on “You Say Tarp, I Say Trap”

  1. I’m so happy for you Steve! This has to be such an exciting thing to do. I know Pete’s your guy, but I keep hearing Willie Nelson’s “On the road again” in my head as I’m reading your blog and watching the rv video. 😉 Have fun!


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