A Most Productive Day

Indeed, quite productive. Showed up at the RV dealer a little after 8. They helped me offload stuff out of the pickup (amazingly, nothing got wet) and then they took the truck to install the hitch. Meanwhile the tech at the dealer gave me a walk thru which took a couple of hours. There’s just a bunch of stuff to remember, most of which I’m sure is best learned by repetition. These RVs are a mass conglomeration of equipment and systems and best I can tell, the manufacturer only takes responsibility for their work. Got a problem with the hot water heater? Well, talk to those guys. As a result the download of brochures and manuals and warranties is a bit ridiculous. View the evidence for yourself:stuff flipped

That is some, not all, of the stuff they dumped on me. Oh well, no shortage of reading material.

So, about 1 PM I hooked ’em up and headed down the road, stopping for the night at an RV Park in Keene, TX (a suburb of Cleburne). Don’t laugh, Cleburne is for real. It’s the county seat of Johnson County, by golly, and has one of the more unusual county courthouses I have seen. The first 75 miles or so was on I-20. I was draggin’ that bad boy 75 MPH (maybe a bit more, all within the tolerance range, of course) and passing 18-wheelers regularly. The Chevy 1-ton was struttin’ its considerable stuff. The last 50 miles or so was on a state highway 2-lane road. Fortunately,there was almost no traffic so it became a very uneventful trip. See The Rig on the menu at the top of the page for pics of the Arctic Foxy (aka The Beast) and the truck and the trailer in tandem. More in a future post about driving with 7 tons on your tail.

The RV park seems quite nice. The lady at check-in gave me the first space when you pull in. It had a nice gravel pad and was long and wide enough for the rig. Then came the big tests: unhooking the trailer from the truck and preparing the trailer for use. As it turns out, hooking and unhooking truck and trailer is not difficult at all. The trailer has an electrical system that adjusts the front jacks so the pin on the trailer is at the right level. Then it’s just a matter of backing the truck into it. Way easier than I thought it would be. There were a couple of false steps in getting the trailer set up, but nothing major. The really good news is the A/C in this unit (there are 2 of them mounted on the roof) really cools it off. Next major test: how does the bed sleep?

Then off to dinner and fuel up and a trip through Walmart. The Cotton Patch Cafe was the choice for dinner. Pretty good. Kind of Black Eyed Pea-ish.

Next major stop is Florence, AL, which is about 700 miles away, so there will be probably 2 more stops before then, but nothing definitely planned. Next Monday I am taking a 2-day RV driving instruction course. It’s the least I can do for my fellow motorists.


One thought on “A Most Productive Day”

  1. Got a great grin from this. My best friend has a camper and her parents are touring the USA for the umpteenth time with their 5th wheel. I can understand some of what you’re going through. Love these posts.

    Keep on truckin! Christie


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