Natchez Trace Parkway

Saturday was another 350+ mile haul. But about 1/3 of it was on the Natchez Trace Parkway. The name was vaguely familiar, but the significance of it has long since evaporated from the old memory bank. Under the auspices of the National Park Service, it’s a 444 mile road from Natchez to Nashville (delightfully alliterative, natch) that follows a natural trail used for centuries, first by members of the Natchez, Chickasaw and Choctaw nations (there are quite few burial mounds along the way), later by settlers and pioneers. It was key to Andrew Jackson during the Battle of New Orleans and also by generals during the Civil War.

The highway is a 2-lane road, 50 MPH. I was on it for 118 miles. During the first 50 miles I never saw another vehicle in my rearview mirror. Then a couple showed up but turned off shortly, and after that I didn’t see another one until I turned off. There were a few cars in front of me along the way, and some traffic from the other direction, but I really was on the road less traveled. It’s a pretty drive, mostly forest with some open fields; a little bit of elevation toward the end (likely much more after I got off).


NTP tree

NTP open

NTP info

Several good things come to mind about my current encampment at Heritage Acres RV park in Tuscumbia, AL (which is literally right behind the Alabama Music Hall of Fame and very near the birthplace of Helen Keller):

  • I’ll be here 4 nights, which will allow for better organization of the roving homestead. In that regard, a big shopping trip to Walmart and Lowes this morning. Progress abounds.

  • Monday and Tuesday a guy is coming  to give instruction driving and handling The Rig

  • Laundry. Mumblesomething years since I used a laudromat. I hope for a better result than the time in college I went to launder sheets (a rare occasion, mind you). While I was next door at Burger King someone took my sheets out of the dryer, walked on them, and put them back in the dryer so I didn’t know of the vandalism until after the drying cycle. Almost as weird as the time someone broke into my car while I was in a movie and stole a bag of dirty laundry. 

    At check in yesterday I picked up a brochure:

  • AL 100

    Doubtful I will get to many of them before I leave. Besides, it will be tough for any of them to beat my breakfast at Waffle House this morning. They earned a 9, but it would have been a 10 if only they had played the Waffle House song.


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