What the heck is a Cowboy Church? I passed several of them while cruising south of Dallas. And there is one here in Muscle Shoals, AL. Do cowboys really need their own church, and why did it take so long to get one?


Now I am far, very far, from being a cowboy, but I have been around cows a few times. While walking down a road this morning I strolled by a pasture that had several cows therein. All those cows stared at me. Made me think of the lyric from “Oh What a Beautiful Mornin'”: a little brown maverick is winking her eye. But there weren’t no winking going on: those cows were giving me the stink eye. If they could have put 2 fingers up to their eyeballs and then pointed the 2 fingers at me, I do believe they would have. What’s up with that?

Whatever happened to comedy teams? Martin and Lewis, Abbott and Costello, Rowan and Martin. Are there any nowadays? I certainly don’t know of any. Seems like an art form worthy of a comeback.


4 thoughts on “Musings”

  1. This cows were probably waiting for you take them to chuch… I’m surprised you haven’t seen the cowboy churchs in Texas, they are everywhere. the members actually have “rodeo play days”, calf roping, barrel races, that sort of thing and they wear their big ol hats and spurs on their boots and jeans to stiff to sit down. all in the name of Jesus.


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