I’ve had 2 days now (4 hours each day) of driving instruction with the RV. Today it was all about backing and parking the Beast, which is no simple task. The problem is not being able to get good sight on where you are going. The rear view mirror is almost useless because all that can be seen is the RV. The side mirrors help some, but when the RV is at a sharp angle to the truck the mirrors lose their value. Plus, under no circumstance can you ever really know exactly where the back end of the trailer is. Overall the instruction was very helpful, but much left to be learned by practice, practice, practice. Maybe I should plan a trip to Carnegie Hall.

Another improvement was getting a tool box installed in the bed of the truck. This was the missing link to really helping me get everything organized between what gets carried in the truck and what gets carried in the RV. There’s a decent size storage area under the RV, but stuff needs to go there that can be reached easily on a regular basis. So, the tool box: a definite improvement.


In the Revolting Development Department, I’ve been getting a sign on the truck dashboard about Exhaust Fluid running low. This refers to Diesel Exhaust Fluid, a concept I was totally unfamiliar with. Apparently it wasn’t filled up when I got the truck because it was almost empty even though I have less than 2000 miles on the vehicle. It’s about 5 gallons of fluid that runs out over 5,000 to 10,000 miles. And once the system detects it is empty it limits how fast the car can be driven and for how long. The tiger I once had in my tank now seems to be an endangered species.

Heading tomorrow toward Asheville for a few days. Probably will stop somewhere before Asheville, otherwise it would be over 6 hours of driving in mountain terrain, which I prefer to take slowly the first go round. Here’s what my route has been so far (more or less):


Much more to come!



One thought on “Improvements”

  1. Steve, looks like you are having a great time. Even getting in some new wine experiences.
    How are your recording your notes so precisely.
    You may want to drop by a Radio Shack and pick up some small tv cameras and a monitor.
    Keep up the fun trip.


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