More Scenicness

The route today led through northern Alabama and into southeastern Tennessee. At Huntsville, AL you really start to notice you are in the foothills of the Appalachians. Lots of rolling hills full of green. At one point the altitude was at least 1800 feet. I was not on interstate highways until the last 30 minutes or so when I hit I-40. Right before I got on I-40 the GPS system took me on this little country road, up and down and windy. I think it must have been one of them “hollers”. The road was about as wide as a driveway.


Merely a coincidence that at the end of the this 3 mile long driveway there was a cemetery? I had to wonder: how many folks done died up yonder in that holler that done got buried in that there cemetery?

But, after a few miles of interstate I landed at the Caney Creek RV Resort, which is quite a nice little spot, right on a lake amidst the hills.

lake at sunset

Good enough for a few feathered friends:


Of course, maybe it’s just me, but I think The Rig looks pretty good in such a setting:

The Rig Harriman TN

One of yesterday’s improvements turned into today’s problem. With the tool box in the bed of the truck I’ve lost vision of the trailer hitch when I try to back into the pin on the RV. Time to bring the brainpower to bear on that matter. Maybe a mirror on the cap of the RV, or maybe some stripes on the top of the tool box to indicate hitch alignment. Stay tuned.

Everywhere I’ve been so far it’s been HOT. Now, you might rightly say to me: “Well, Einstein, didn’t you get this RV get up so you could always be where the weather is good?” And I would have to concede the appropriateness of your sarcasm. I just haven’t escaped Earth’s gravity yet, but soon, soon I tell you. As it is I’ve been sweating like…well, you can supply your own colorful simile. Multiple times a day: sweat dripping onto my glasses, shirt soaked, constantly wiping my forehead with a towel, multiple towels. You get the idea. Drinking water like [your simile here]. I found some of the ever-elusive Michael Jordan Gatorade and that’s been a boon. But tomorrow I will be near Asheville. They just told me the temps are already down in the 60s at night. Now that’s more like it!



3 thoughts on “More Scenicness”

  1. I had to wonder: how many folks done died up yonder in that holler that done got buried in that there cemetery? – I laughed out loud for this gem.


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