Actually I’m in Hendersonville, which is about 20 miles south of Asheville on I-26. They call it Historic Henderson. I haven’t really cracked the mystery on what is historic about it, other than it was around back during the time when historic things happened. But there are some interesting things to do around here: will report later on any of them I get to.

Tomorrow I will spend the day in Asheville proper, with a trip to the Biltmore House on the agenda. Asheville is a really nice town…I’ve long thought it would be a good place to retire. And the Biltmore House is just one of the coolest places anywhere. First time I went was probably during high school years and thought it rather ho hum. But the next time I went was maybe in my thirties and had a much better appreciation of all the things old man Vanderbilt did with the place. Definitely worth another visit.

My desire not to be called Shirley aside, surely I must be in the running for Customer of the Month at Walmart. Admittedly, I am still outfitting The Rig, which may soon be at the desired fighting weight, but there’s always some other reason for stopping at Walmart as soon as I roll into a new town. Taking up yesterday’s riff on the heat, I briefly waxed poetic today:

The heavens ablaze may make me perspire,

but I say Fie on’t and shall fight your fire!

(very briefly) and then did something about it at Walmart


Even if I don’t make Customer of the Month, they darn sure are my Vendor of the Month.


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