OK, So Maybe There Is Hope for NC Wine

Right across the road from my current home (until Tuesday) at Red Gate RV Park is the Burntshirt Winery. Certainly worthy of a leisurely Sunday afternoon stroll, eh? Well, indeed it was. It looks fairly new and well laid out. It has all the nice little touches of the finest wineries.

An apple orchard right as you go through the gate.


A cool shaded patio for sipping your vino.


Cute stuff in the gift shop


Kudzu jelly

Kudzu blossom jelly? Thanks but el-paso

They bottle a  bunch of different wines, all grown on the estate or on a mountaintop vineyard nearby. For $7 you choose between 2 different flights (dry or sweet) and then get 7 pours per flight (plus you keep the glass). So, dealwise, pretty good. I went the “dry” route and had 3 whites and four reds. In addition to a gruner veltliner (not often grown in the US) there were 2 chardonnays, one oaked, one not. Even the oaked one wasn’t heavy-oaky, more vanilla than buttery oak. Interesting to compare the two. The reds were Bordeaux varietals. Consistent with my experience at Biltmore House Winery, the reds here are quite a bit lighter than in France or California. Even the cabernet sauvignon lacks gravitas. But these wines at Burntshirt did not have the artificial after taste like the ones at Biltmore. The mid-palate was a bit dicey, but at least the finish was more satisfying.

A couple of miles away from Burntshirt is the St Paul Mountain winery. The tasting room is also fairly new, but without all the amenities at Burntshirt. Their tasting runs about 12 wines for $10. They also had some odd duck varietals such as Vidal Blanc that I’ve never heard of. All their whites were very crisp, even the oaked chardonnay. And this being apple country they also have some hard apple ciders. Several of their wines they make both a dry and a sweet version. All of the wines I’ve had here are very reasonably priced, in the teens/twenty dollars per bottle. But St Paul had a petit verdot for $61. I always love to try a petit verdot, but this one is, again, on the lightweight side.

So, I gave some support to the nascent efforts. Just the kinda guy I am.

St Paul wines

At least all the bottles have corks (except the cider where they opt for a pop cap). But tonight, to go with fresh purple hull peas cooked with onion and some polish sausage, I’ll go  with an old standby.




2 thoughts on “OK, So Maybe There Is Hope for NC Wine”

  1. if this keeps up I am going to learn about wine, maybe i will find one i like some day. but I really would enjoy the hard ciders myself. especially if it is very crisp and not to sweet.


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