More Asheville Goodies

So Monday I was driving around downtown Asheville looking for some lunch. I had a tout from James Brock for Buxton Hall, a BBQ joint. But when I drove up they were closed for an event. Plan B was a place called 12 Bones, also BBQ, as recommended by Patrice “The Fount” Sigmon. Alas, the place is located just past a railroad track…and there was a train that just entered the crossing going maybe 2 miles per hour. I drove a little further down the road to judge the length of the train. Conclusion: WAY too long. Plan C: fire up Google maps and look for restaurants in the area. This led me to a place called Biscuit Head.

Biscuit Head

Another bit of Asheville funkiness, but this proved to be quite the find. I am all about breakfast all day, which this place is. I ordered a pulled pork biscuit without perusing the menu in detail, but it proved a good choice.

pulled pork biscuit

In looking at the menu further my jaw went slack. A gravy flight? What sort of concept is this? A gravy flight for pete’s sake. Rest assured that’s on the list for my next trip to Asheville.

Biscuit Head menu

Plus, they had a help yourself bar with all sorts of homemade butters and jams, a cart full of yumminess in its own right.


Author’s note to Austin: you guys think you’re weird but I’m telling you, DO NOT get in a weirdness cage match with Asheville. There will be some wounds to lick.

Near Hendersonville in a town called Flat Rock is the home occupied by Carl Sandburg for the last 20 years of his life. It was not a fancy home, built before the Civil War, but he came seeking peace and quiet. With it’s location up the hill from the road above a small lake surrounded by trees it’s easy to imagine he achieved his goal. Plus, his wife was a world-class goat breeder and she had the elbow room for that pursuit. She bought the house without Carl seeing it, but he loved it, mainly because it had room for his 16,000 books. There are bookshelves EVERYWHERE in this house. It reminded me of my visit to the Louis Armstrong House Museum in June. His wife bought the house in Queens while he was on the road. He first saw it after she had been there 6 months and it was absolutely love at first sight for him.

Sandburg house bottom of hill


This was a great lesson in the joys of unplanned travel. Carl Sandburg? Meh. The sign says he has a house here? OK. Well, he is a historical figure. Got some time in the afternoon… why not. Voila! It was good enough to rate a blog entry.



5 thoughts on “More Asheville Goodies”

  1. You got Keith’s attention with the Biscuit Head, and I am so impressed the menu has gluten-free biscuits! I wrote this one down…


  2. Asheville is my second home and you ate at some of my favorite places! My suggestion for next time you’re in Asheville is to go to the original, West Asheville, biscuit head location where the jam bar is about twice as big! So good! Glad you enjoyed your time there – we’re going back this weekend for a visit and Biscuit Head is my no. 1 stop! Haha


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