Grits ‘n Biscuits ‘n Gravy

Yessir, grits, biscuits and gravy are a big dang deal here in the Tarheel State.Which is fine by me. Many places specialize in biscuits. See previous post on Biscuit Head in Asheville. There’s also a chain called Biscuitville, and most of the fried chicken places take pride in their biscuits (had an especially good biscuit one day at Bojangles).

I celebrated Labor Day with a trip to the laundromat (uneventful) and a stop at Biscuitville. You have to admit, they have some enticing choices:


Truly, biscuit technology in this part of the world is far advanced over that available in Houston.

And then there’s grits. It’s been my opinion for many years that grits are sadly underrated and therefore underserved. Even today, many of our yankee friends have never had grits. And I’m aware that lot of people that have had them don’t appreciate the experience. This is all very sad, though I can identify several possible reasons for this deplorable state of affairs. First of all, does one eat grits with a fork or a spoon? There can be wide variation in the thickness/soupiness of any particular serving. Personally, I prefer the fork, so excessive soupiness should be avoided. Also, most every serving I have ever had needed some doctoring: more salt (especially), some pepper, some butter, etc. But these problems can be solved. In fact, my view is that grits are desirable because they can support a lot of treatments. Salt/butter/pepper? Check. Honey/syrup/jelly? Yep. Cheese? Oh yeah. Mixed with eggs and sausage? Definitely. Grit cakes on the griddle? Duh. Of course, shrimp and grits has earned broad acceptance on menus in recent years, so maybe there’s hope of further ascendancy for grits in all forms.


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