Back on the Road

The Beast has been chained for the last 10 days but today was moving day. It was a day of wrong/missed turns and frustration at the gas pump. You see, the gas stations around here are not the broad sprawling plazas we get in Texas (Buc-ees, why hast thou forsaken me!?). They may be tucked in between the road and the side of a hill which does not make for a lot of elbow room. Plus, they seem to like playing hide and seek with their diesel pumps. Bottom line, with some of these stations unless you come in the right entrance and come to the pump at just the proper angle, well fuggetaboudit. That happened at several attempted fuel stops today. Although the day was salvaged somewhat by the fact that my last stop was at a combination gas station/donut shop. Trump or Clinton? Heck, I’ll vote for the guy that came up with that idea, thank you very much.

The main part of the day was spent on US Hwy 29 and Interstate 81. Hwy 29 is a divided road, 2 lanes each way and generally in good shape, but not well populated with gas stations. I-81 is a good reliable interstate. The scenery was nice, but not nearly as nice as eastern TN and western NC. There were a couple of scenic overlooks that looked promising out of the corner of my eye, but they were all on the other side of the road. It was that kind of day.

There were some interesting spots to note for another time: the New Market civil war battlefield among others. Also, it seemed to be the College Trail, passing by Liberty U, Sweet Briar College, James Madison U and the U of Virginia. A wrong turn (horrible road marking) put me smack dab in the middle of the UVa campus.

I learned years ago that a state line can make a huge difference in the look of the surroundings. That occurred when I passed from eastern CO into western KS. All the towns in eastern CO looked trashy and run down, but as soon as I passed into KS every place looked like the pristine All American Town. That happened somewhat today when I crossed into PA. Suddenly the terrain was a bit more gentle and much more of the land was given to cultivation than I had seen all day, at least since leaving NC. And then when I got off I-81 at Carlisle, PA there were HUGE distribution  centers everywhere. Amazon has a massive fulfillment center nearby (didn’t see any drones, though). Kind of like how car dealers seem to cluster together along a highway? Same deal here, but with warehouse space.

Off tomorrow to Ithaca to see Brian.Should be a fairly easy day, about 225 miles according to RV Trip Wizard. Here’s what the screen looks like on RV Trip Wizard:


The green tent is my starting point in Carlisle, PA. The blue line shows the route to Harrisburg, up to Williamsport then over to Corning and into Ithaca. The little US maps show Passport America campsites and the yellow markers show possible low bridge clearances. Of course you can zoom in and out on the map, and get it to show other landmarks, such as KOA or Good Sam camps, state or national parks, fuel sites, Walmarts or Costcos. A useful tool.


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