The drive from Carlisle, PA to Ithaca was quite a nice one. Early on I encountered the Susquehanna River at Harrisburg, PA then flirted with it for the next hour or more, crossing it several times then finally leaving it at Williamsport. The river is pretty broad along the way and very slow-flowing so it seemed more like a lake in places. I was on US Hwy 15 for most of the day which goes through towns. One such town is Lewisburg, home of Bucknell U. I’ve always wondered where Bucknell was, so now I know. Bucknell…a name that has always seemed so ripe for phonetic shenanigans. In Williamsport  Hwy 15 goes right by the Little League complex which is pretty impressive. And it sparked one of those mental connections out of the blue: the Little League logo uses the same shape as the Pennsylvania state highway signs.


Keystone State, anyone?

The PA roadside was littered with wineries, as was Virginia, for that matter, perhaps even more so. Seems the only thing in VA that outnumbered wineries was Baptist churches (both inversely proportional to usable gas stations, see prior post). I was also struck by how much corn they seem to grow in PA. Never really thought about it, just always assumed corn was a Midwest breadbasket crop.

Coming into NY the route went through Corning and up to Watkins Glen, a very quaint town, the fingertip, if you will, of Seneca Lake. The road was very scenic as it ran along the east side of Seneca Lake. Most of the time the road was maybe 1/4 to 1/2 a mile off the lake and 100-200 feet above it. Often there was a stand of trees between the road and the lake, but from time to time the lake would come into view and it was a spectacular sight. The lake, being one of the Finger Lakes, is not very wide so you can see the landscape on the other side of the lake as well. Oh, and more corn.

On this road  (NY Hwy 414) there was an explosion of wineries, I mean a BUNCH (as in dozens) of ’em. Further investigation may be required. I pulled into the RV park (which is really about 20 miles north of Ithaca on Cayuga Lake) about 3PM. Brian met me and we set up the RV then went into town to see his new apartment. I was in the mood for Italian so we went to a place called ZaZa’s Cucina which offered an attractive dining room and some pretty good food. We both had a very fresh spinach salad with sliced strawberries and we shared a plate of gnocchi topped with braised short rib and root veggies, which was very good. The gnocchi was soft and creamy, maybe the best I’ve ever had.


I also had a veal chop that was so-so and Brian had a nice veal parm. We eschewed dessert at ZaZa’s and went across the street to this totally insane ice cream parlor called Purity. Must have been 30 people in line ahead of us, but with good reason.


Blow that picture up to get a good feel for all their offerings. Wow.

I’ve been so weary of the hot weather everywhere the last 3 weeks. Folks in NC were complaining about it, folks in PA ditto. So, the best for last: Saturday night a cool front blew in. Sunday high was in the 70s, lows in the high 40s. Finally!



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