Sunday in Ithaca

Ah, the beautiful weather!

I could adopt the George Costanza philosophy and end the post there. But Sunday brought some good stuff. We went to brunch at the Carriage House cafe near the Cornell campus. This involved more waiting (not my thing) but once again it was worth it. I had a bacon strata and Brian had some blueberry pancakes, both quite good. After watching the glorious Texans victory we strolled a pedestrian mall in downtown Ithaca and ate dinner at Simeons. A burger, some mussels. No record breakers, but not bad. Brian then introduced me to Wegman’s grocery store which is quite an operation. Biggest grocery emporium I’ve ever seen. A Jedi grocery store.

There’s a wildflower around here that has me curious. It shows up quite a bit along the highways, so I relate it to our bluebonnets in Texas. It’s a stalk with green leaves, but the top 6 inches or so has a bunch of tiny yellow flowers.



Put a bunch of them together and it’s an impressive sight. Any botanists among the reader group? No one here has been able to tell me what it is. Inquiry continues.


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