My Kingdom for a Waterfall!

Tuesday’s outing was to Buttermilk Falls State Park just south of Ithaca (maybe even in the city limits, it’s that close). This place had a bit of water, but barely enough to satisfy my drinking needs through lunch.


The lead story from this adventure was the hike. From the bottom of the falls to the top was 3/4 mile. But in that 3/4 mile stretch the elevation change was 450 feet. Now experienced hikers eat that for breakfast, but for an old, fat flatlander like me that is WAY plenty assignment. It took about an hour of huffing and puffing and frequent breaks (as in every 10 or 20 steps), but I earned the merit badge. Maybe I should move up here. I’d still be old but at least not a flatlander.

At the top of the falls was another part of the park that went to a lake, but I was too busy thanking the Good Lord for surviving this far that I zero thought to that. In fact, while catching my breath I transitioned to feeling a bit sassy: 3/4 mile downhill all the way? Piece o’ cake! Not so fast, grasshopper. The downhill trek can actually be more fraught with peril. Since your momentum thrusts you forward, balance becomes more of an issue. And the presence of randomly strewn rocks and roots no doubt sets the forest peanut gallery all a-snicker.

There were a few pleasant sights along the way.bf1 Ooooh, a waterfall! No stinkin’ buttermilk though.


I wonder how long Nature has been working on this project?


Ah, an example of what can come from watching your step. There’s a face in there somewhere. Looks like Goofy, but maybe it’s just me.


Gotta admire a tree that can grow out of rock on the side of a canyon wall. As some fictional high school football coach in a Dan Jenkins novel may have said: It’s got “want-to”bf-scene

And on that note we’ll say farewell to Buttermilk Falls State Park.

The plan for the afternoon was the same as from the day before: check out some wineries. But I went back to the RV, sat on the couch and zonked out for an hour or two. Then I met Brian for dinner and we went to Mia’s Tapas.  Most unusual tapas place I’ve ever seen. Not Spanish in the least, rather a mixture of Thai/Indian/sushi. But it was all darn good, especially a shrimp dish in a curry sauce and a roast duck puff pastry samosa.



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