Have to Admit it’s Getting Better

Each state park seems to be a bit more scenic that the last. The water flow helps. On Wednesday I hit the Robert H. Treman State Park. Lots more up and down, lots more huffing and puffing but this location was the most dramatic one yet. I started at the upper end of the park. There are 2 trails running the length of the park, each a little over 2 miles. I opted for starting on the gorge trail, which was mostly downhill, then crossed a bridge about 1/2 a mile down over to the rim trail and walking UP all the way back. I don’t know what the elevation change was, but it was on a par with the day before.

At the upper end is an exhibit containing an old mill building. It’s quite fascinating to see the machinery they used for grinding wheat to flour, all powered by the flow of the creek. The building had 4 levels and apparently it could be operated by only 3 people. Mind boggling how they could get those huge gears and millstones precisely in place and get them to do the job. I’m certain we don’t give our ancestors enough credit for the things they accomplished with the tools they had. And they were so subject to the whims of nature: a little flood or a little drought or a change in the path of the creek and this mill was out of business, if not completely destroyed in the case of flood.

Time for some pics.


Is there a better engineer than Mother Nature?




I  wonder what lives in there.



With some more water flow this would really be a cool park.

I hit one winery in the afternoon, nothing worth taking home. Then I stopped at a cheese purveyor. Now THAT’S a cheese tasting:


Fourteen different cheeses available for tasting. Took home a blue cheese and a smoked gouda. This place is the real deal. The cows hang out about 100 feet from the tasting room.


That contraption cut in the floor is a conveyor that moves around. It catches the moo poo and hauls it off automatically. Yankee ingenuity for sure.


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