Next Leg: Ithaca to Lake Placid

Well, actually Wilmington, NY, a few miles east of Lake Placid. The trip today was about 250 miles. Road was good (NY-89 to I-90 to I-81 then more state roads through to destination), traffic generally light. Lake Placid is a pretty town, very much in the Alpine Village mold, as befits a 2-time home of the Winter Olympics: worthy of further exploration. The terrain today was mostly rolling hills, not quite as dramatic as the gorges in the Finger Lakes area.

There were several “firsts” today, to wit:

  • cell phone outages at several spots along the way. Nothing severe, but noticeable.

  • it looks like some of the highway rest areas have been converted into “text stops”: signs saying “It Can Wait! Text Stop Ahead 5 Miles”, etc. Can’t accuse the NYDOT of napping on the job!

  • snowplow turnarounds – extra wide shoulders so snow plows can head back the other way.

  • a Dallas Cowboys banner waving proudly in front of a farmhouse near Philadelphia, NY. I would not have bet on that.

  • first time to stay at a KOA campground. It’s very nice and by far the “woodsiest” one I’ve stayed at yet.

  • and last but not least, the first signs of foliage changes. Thumbs up!

Most everything around here is very picturesque, as today’s bounty of pictures attests:


I think that is Whiteface Mountain in the background, it was an Olympic skiing venue.


The Ausable River runs through the neighborhood and it apparently is known for its fishing.


Zoom in on this one and you can see a guy fishing in the river below the falls.

I bought a WeBoost Drive 4G-M cellular booster device from Amazon and it arrived Saturday. Preliminary results are encouraging. It’s made for use in the vehicle. A small antenna with a magnetic base sticks on the roof, then a coax cable runs to the booster device inside the cab.  The booster is powered by the cig lighter in the truck. Out of the booster runs a small interior antenna which relays the boosted signal to the cell phone. It definitely boosts the signal. I converted the signal indicator on my phone from bars to dB measurement so it’s easy to see the effect of the boost. I had it on today when there was no service. But they warn that there has to be some signal to boost. If no signal, then no boost. So far I’m pleased with it, though it was kind of pricey (>$400). And I still need to sort out the tangle of wires inside the truck. I also bought a larger antenna to mount on the RV. That way I can use the booster device without being in the truck. Haven’t tried the bigger antenna, so stand by for NEWS!


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