A Weird Walk

It’s about 15 miles from where I’m staying to Lake Placid. Most of the drive is right along the Ausable River. It’s obvious why it’s renowned for trout fishing as it flows over rocks with intermittent gathered pools and easy access from the road. There are several hiking trails in the Lake Placid area, so I headed there on Tuesday and chose the Peninsula Trail. It was a bit hard to find but we connected and off I went. It’s a forested trail that runs right next to Lake Placid for about a third of the run. During the 2 hour hike I saw maybe 3 other people, so it was very peaceful and the forest flora was abundant. But here’s the weird part: the fauna part of the equation was totally missing. I mean bupkis. I heard a couple of birds and but for an insect or 2 there was absolutely no critter movement at all. Nary a squirrel or chipmunk or lizard. Two miles in the woods, no critters. Weird.

There should have been some beavers. There were quite a few downed trees everywhere but especially along the lake.


Ah, but here’s a perfect chance to brag on my Nikon Coolpix P610 camera. In the above picture, there’s a group of condos across the lake with a flagpole in front. Barely visible in the pic, right? But here’s the view after applying the 60X zoom factor on the camera:


Coolpix indeed!


Following the hike: a lazy lunch over looking the lake.



There’s a great source for finding hiking trails: alltrails.com. Full of info and easy to use.

Next up, off to New Hampshire.



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