Giving The Beast a Break

After a day as Rodney Dangerfield, today was more easy and laid back. Bing Crosby-ish, perhaps. Although I have generally been sleeping very well in The Beast, last night not so much. Woke up early and couldn’t go back to sleep. Ergo, off for an early breakfast at Lindy’s Diner, locally famous for hosting presidential candidates and politicians of all stripes. No one in there today at 6:30 this morning that I would have voted for. Eggs, bacon and coffee all so-so, but pretty good pancakes. Guess they have to bring a good pancake game in these parts since they are so fond of their maple syrup. After Lindy’s a trip to (GASP!) Walmart. These Walmart Supercenters actually do a pretty good job on the grocery side. Good prices on drinking water. Man, I’ve been drinking a ton of water with all this hot weather everywhere.

I’m ensconced for the next 2 weeks at the Ashuelot River Campground in Swanzey, NH. The place is wide open in the middle but ringed by trees all around the perimeter and bounded by the river itself on one side. It’s not too crowded as their season winds down. I strolled the grounds after breakfast this morning.


The river was mirror placid this morning. The plan is to use this place as a base of operations for day trips into Maine, Vermont and other parts of NH, perhaps a night’s stay or two elsewhere, but in the Big ‘Un only, not in The Beast. You can cover a lot of ground within 200 miles of here (the yellow line):arcg

How ’bout those Astros? Still in contention, but hanging on by their fingertips. When they had a rough patch a week or two ago I predicted they would finish strong but just sort of a playoff spot. We shall see…

Oh, go Texans! This place doesn’t have any TV reception so text me updates!




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