Back to Ithaca (aka Corn Country)

Tuesday was my last day in New Hampshire. In the morning we finished out the curriculum from the fly fishing class. I met Gerry, one of the instructors, on the Swift River near Wear, MA. He had a pair of waders for me and the other required gear. We walked 100 or 200 yards and found a place to get in the river and followed the fish around for the next couple of hours. The fish in this river were easily seen because the water was crystal clear and probably wasn’t any more than 4 or 5 feet deep at the most. The stream is just below the reservoir that supplies water to the city of Boston.


So, good teacher that Gerry was, he showed me several different techniques and I tried them out, all to the same result: bupkis. There were a couple of strikes at the fly, but nothing was hooked. Several other guys around caught some, but for me I figured it was about par for the course. I was just glad I didn’t end up with a fish hook in my ear. If I wanted to bag something I should have taken a shotgun:


So Tuesday night I had one last meal at Luca’s in Keene. That’s a darn good restaurant. Had some tomato bisque and a lobster ravioli. Ate there 3 times and everything I had was very good.

The drive from Keene to Ithaca is about 300 miles and it was basically uneventful. The last 100 miles or so was on I-90 which is a toll road. When I went from Ithaca to Lake Placid a couple of weeks ago I went on the same stretch of I-90 and the toll was $6 or $8. But yesterday when I got off it was $30. WTF, one might ask. And I did. They said since I had 4 extra wheels and a high clearance it was a higher rate. They figured I got away with one before, which I guess should be some consolation, but not really. $30? WTF?

As fortune would have it I ended up at the same RV site as the one I left several weeks ago: #107 at the Sned-Acres RV park. After 7 hours on the road I made a lazy evening with a grilled cheese and a boulevardier.

This morning I drove into Ithaca (hello, Walmart) and stopped on the way at the Taughannock Falls to see if the water flow had picked up any in the last month. Here’s what the top of the falls looked like then:tfalls-bird-bath

versus today:


A wee bit of flow over the ledge. I also went up to the upper falls area (didn’t go there last time):tfalls-upper


You can see a touch of autumn in the trees, but not as much as in VT and NH the other day. The high here today is 74. Beautiful. At the upper falls area they had this plaque recounting the history of Ithaca. Check the lower right hand corner right under the picture. Seems magazines are quite fond of Ithaca these days.ithaca-history



One thought on “Back to Ithaca (aka Corn Country)”

  1. Just spent the last hour reading this from bottom to top. Very interesting and great pictures. Lots of information here. Looks like a great trip.


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