Back Roads, Big Cities.

At last report your intrepid blogger was boondocking in a Cracker Barrel parking lot in Columbia, SC. The next morning as I pulled out I checked the rearview mirror just in time to see the antenna that was installed on the roof of The Beast bouncing around on the Cracker Barrel parking lot, courtesy of some extremely discourteous tree. At first I was not that concerned about it: not something I really use anyway. But then I got up on the roof and there was a hole about the size of a baseball. No bueno. A little rain would be catastrophic. Fortunately it was not raining and there was a Camping World outlet not far away so I headed over there and spent half the day while they made the fix.

Saturday and Sunday were mainly spent on back roads in SC and GA. GA wins the prize for the better roads. Also GA exhibited a range of industries that I had not seen much of : logging, granite, some agriculture, a bit of cattle. Of course peaches and peanuts. If they quit growing peaches around here they would have to change the name of 80% of the streets in Atlanta. After boondocking in a Walmart parking lot Saturday night I arrived at the Harvest Moon RV Park in Adairsville, GA early afternoon Sunday.  Adairsville is about an hour northwest of Atlanta. As seems SOP, the local literature refers to it as “historic Adairsville”. When I asked the guy at the RV park check in what was “historic” about it he said “not much”. Apparently their claim to fame is a Supreme Court case. There was a Civil War battle near here and at one point some Union soldiers stole a railroad car from the town of Kennesaw. Several days later some Confederate soldiers from Adairsville recaptured it and brought it to Adairsville. After the war Kennesaw sued for the return of their train and eventually won the case. That’s the story, anyway.

Harvest Moon RV Park is not the most picturesque place, but the sites are long and plenty wide, and the utility hookups are the best located I’ve seen. Plus they have cable TV, but WiFi is crappy. For some reason the RV parks around Atlanta haven’t gotten the memo yet on WiFi.

Monday morning broke my Waffle House drought. Harvest Moon RV Park is about a 5 iron from Waffle House (and a 3 wood from Cracker Barrel, for that matter). They have a new dish called a Hashbrown Bowl: hash browns topped with crumbled up sausage and 2 eggs. They need to adjust their proportions a bit inside the bowl: the hash browns kind of overwhelmed everything else.

After WH I took my life in my hands and headed to downtown ATL. Despite traffic, and crazy poorly marked roads I arrived safely at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library. It’s in a very nice setting, nestled among the trees on the side of a hill that was the site of a major Civil War skirmish during the Battle of Atlanta. Like the other Presidential Libraries I’ve been to it was interesting and informative. I have to admit I was no fan of Carter as President, but compared to the current crop of presidential candidates he puts them to shame, absolute shame. As in Secretariat winning the Belmont shame.

From there I drove over to Georgia State Universty campus, which is smack downtown. More Atlanta street fun: driving on DeKalb street and boom! all of a sudden, no sign, no turn, not even a curve, it turns into Decatur Street. Sheesh! The more I travel the more I appreciate Houston’s street system. Fun facts about GSU (as I learned from being on hold for 20 minutes while trying to call someone): 32,000 students, from every county in GA, from every state in the nation and from more than 150 countries. Who knew?

What was the mission at GSU, one might ask? Ah, dear reader. Stay tuned to the next post and it will all become clear…(yes! A cliffhanger!)


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