Chowing Down in St Pete

After some fine food in Charleston I headed to St Petersburg, FL for a few days. And the good grub continued.

Up first: Rococo Steak. Even though it has “steak” in the name, the seafood was not too shabby. Quite lovely, in fact:


Their lobster bisque was superb, easily the richest I’ve ever had. And the filet was mighty fine. No room for dessert that night!

Next up: Selene. I would say this place is Greek influenced as opposed to Greek oriented. The interior decor was blue and very Mediterranean-y. And the food was fantastic, every dish absolutely on point: an array of Mediterranean spreads served with fresh pita bread, a piece of grouper, a piece of red snapper. And the desserts! Ooh-la-la!


Molten chocolate cake


Chocolate hazelnut tart. Those desserts can be a bit worn and weary these days, but both were perfectly executed.

Ocean Prime is a chain with a dozen or so locations. The Tampa location was very briefly sampled when I was here earlier this year. This time it was a full-on assault…and OP did not disappoint.


Not sure that picture requires any embellishment. Just for the record, though, the meal also included some very good lobster bisque and a nice chopped salad. The truffle mac and cheese was killer on its own, but it got kicked up a notch or two by mixing in some of the crab meat. Three-for-three in St Pete, but the best was yet to come.

OK, so the name of the place is Fetishes Restaurant.


But the fetish in question is food, so I was right at home. It’s a small place and on Friday night it was maybe half full. But the meal was fantastic. This place is TOTALLY old school: Caesar salad, steak Diane, Dover sole, crepes suzette all prepared tableside.  Throw in a very nice crab cake appetizer and THAT is one fine meal! Oh, and decorate it with an excellent white bordeaux and an Elk Cove pinot noir and you’ve got your basic magnifique!






How many years since I had Steak Diane? Sheesh, a lot! The meat so tender, the mashed potatoes in a puff pastry bowl with the gravy on top…get outta town! Righteous.


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