Shut Down Mode

I’ve been back in Houston for about 10 days now and through the holidays at least. The Beast is at the dealer in Baird, TX getting some minor maintenance done and I reckon to go up there this week and then park it in an RV storage unit in Georgetown.

So let’s call this the conclusion of the Maiden Voyage in The Rig. The final log shows 12,000 miles on Big ‘Un, maybe 7,000 or so on The Beast; 87 days; 19 states. No major mechanical problems. Good weather all the way, except unseasonably hot/warm most everywhere. Very little rain.


America is a beautiful country, so many interesting things to see and do. And the people are good, everywhere.

Not sure where the next voyage will be, though right now I’m leaning toward Astros spring training in West Palm Beach, FL in March and then head west after that. Alaska is probably not in the cards for next summer, but we’ll see.

Thanks for all the encouragement and good wishes on the blog. It’ll be back back once the Beast and Big ‘Un are rolling again.


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