West Texas

Not much to say about West Texas. It’s there. There’s a lot of it. Speed limit is 80 on most of I-10. That’s about it. There was a haze to the horizon in all directions the last 2 days, someone said from the wildfires in the Panhandle. Amazing to think it has such a big effect 300 miles or more away. After a day and a half driving from Georgetown I finally reached escape velocity and entered New Mexico this afternoon, after a night at the Fort Stockton Walmart.

Walmart hasn’t changed much in the 4 months since I’ve been on the road. I count that a good thing. Especially the Supercenters, they just have the stuff you need while traveling.

I neglected to include the menu from the Brennan’s Throwback dinner mentioned in the last post. Hard to believe those prices! What a fun event.


Life in the evening is pretty quiet when boondocking in the Walmart parking lot (tonight: Deming, NM). Tight quarters inside because the slideouts stay in. Battery power is insufficient to run certain things: TV, microwave, A/C. And since the trailer is still hooked to the truck, there is no leveling in place and the living space is a bit slantical. But the LED lights inside work, so reading is in play, and if cell service is available I can use the cell phone to hotspot the laptop. The temps the last 2 nights are down in the 40s, so no need for A/C. Last night I ate in the trailer, tonight I scored some mexican food a few hundred yards down the street. Not so bad, really.

Off to Arizona tomorrow. Booked for 2 weeks at an RV park in Goodyear, AZ. Figure to see some Cactus League baseball and a few other local sites. Maybe check out some hiking trails.

Just over a year now since I retired. During the last week I’ve visited with two of my former colleagues at JD Fields & Co. When they ask me if I miss it I tell them: not for a single day. I have to admit to enjoying their jealousy. Does that make me a bad person? Yeah? Well, tough. One guy said “Man, you look a whole lot better than you did when you left here!” Maybe there’s a book there. Retirement: A Salubrious Pursuit.


5 thoughts on “West Texas”

  1. Spent many Summers with my Grands on their farm in Ft. Stockton in the 1950’s. Sounds like you are off to a great start. I shall follow each post with great interest.


  2. I agree. I’m love retirement! Especially since our house is finally done and we are in it and settle in. Still unpacking and have lots to do, garden, landscape, fences, but I loon forward too every sunrise and sunset. Enjoy your adventure.


  3. Steve, so jealous!!!
    While in NM, a guy friend told me once when I was working there a couple times you HAVE to go to Cottonwood, I cannot remember why, but I intended to go there, but never went back there for work after he told me.

    Also when in AZ, not sure if you remember my friend Ruby, she lived across the street from me, she was an executive at Matel, since retired. You need to call her, she would welcome taking you to HH hour in some great establishments in Palm Spring, she knows the places to go. I always enjoy going to visit her, she has good connections. If you are interested, let me know and I will give you her number.
    Stay safe!!!


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