Ensconced now, cozily, at the Destiny RV Resort in Goodyear, AZ, a suburb to the far west of Phoenix. One thing about RV parks:they are like parking garages. No two are alike. But this one is fairly typical as to layout, amenities, etc. of what one will find in a “snowbird” establishment. This one is fairly full now, but a month from now, probably not so much, judging from the license plates one sees while strolling the friendly confines.

Here’s the layout map of the property:


As you can see, there’s a pool, fitness center, laundry, clubhouse, a fairly nice array of amenities. And this place is definitely in the desert, but they have done a decent job of spotting a few trees around the property. There’s a bunch of orange trees.

destiny rv park 226

I can almost reach out my window and cop an orange. They are small but mighty tasty. In the background is a grapefruit tree. Haven’t tried those yet

This place is spring training baseball heaven. Half of MLB (15 teams) train here, spread out among 10 different stadium complexes, all in the Phoenix metropolitan area. I plan to sample some of this fare, starting today.

Phoenix does not at first glance seem to be much of a foodie town, but I will delve further and report back.

Checked out the Arizona Coyotes last night as they played the New Jersey Devils. Not great hockey, as might be expected from 2 teams last in their respective divisions.

coyotes hockey

The size of the crowd reflected it. When Uber dropped me off there was almost no none entering the building. And here’s what the main concourse looked like just 20 minutes before the game:

coyotes concourse

Baseball this afternoon then more to come from the desert.

Oh, how about those mighty Duke Blue Devils? First team ever to win 4 games to take the ACC Tournament title and claim for the 20th time what is rightfully theirs!



2 thoughts on “PHX”

  1. Goodyear and Avondale are adjacent towns. In 1969-71 we lived in nearby Litchfield Park and went to high school in Avondale, while my Dad was based at the Goodyear plant in Goodyear. A favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant (Mexican, of course) was Tony’s Cafe on West Main Street in Avondale. Go Devils!


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