Delights Here and There

Phoenix definitely holds delights for the adventurous. Exhibit A: a ballgame yesterday at Goodyear Ballpark, spring training home of the Cincinnati Reds and the Cleveland Indians.

Goodyear Ballpark 1Goodyear Ballpark 2

Beautiful day for a ballgame, Reds vs Brewers. Couple of ex-Astros farmhands played for the Brewers, courtesy of the Carlos Gomez trade. Also, for old school Astros fans, Billy Hatcher is 3rd base coach for the Reds. The Reds had one really good looking young pitcher, Sal Romano. Keep that name in mind.

After a day at the ballpark, come Sunday evening, I like to relax with a refreshing thirst quencher.

Come Sunday

Pop the cork on a delicious Ken Wright Oregon pinot. You’ll be glad you did!

Did some cooking last night as well: a cold avocado soup recipe. Turned out decently, although it called for the mixture of avocado and half-n-half to be pureed. I don’t have a blender, so lots of whisking. Ended up a bit chunkier than designed, but tasty enough. I’m a big fan of cold soups in warm weather (about 90 during the day here). I’ve complained for years to restaurateurs in Houston about not having enough cold soups on menus (not counting gazpacho). Seems I dream the impossible dream.

The requisite trip to the grocery store uncovered one unanticipated delight:

Blue Bell

Yeah buddy!

I’m not a beer guy, but I do enjoy going to a craft brewery and trying out the wares via a tasting flight. I noticed such a place while driving somewhere else the other day, so I circled back and checked it out tonight. Saddle Mountain Brewing Company is the name. Your basic everyday strip center sports bar/brewery. It must have been happy hour, I got 6 glasses for $6.35.


Generally I go for the darker beers #2 and #5, but the first one was pretty good also, a honey ale. Even though one was called 300 Foot Steve, I couldn’t give it a thumbs up. Oh well, that’s about six months worth of beer for me.

BISON BURGER Their food menu was interesting too. I opted for the bison burger, but it was a tough decision.

Recommended for beer fans.



One thought on “Delights Here and There”

  1. I don’t remember ever seeing you drink a beer. Sounds like that may be your last for a while, too. 🙂 Was glad to see you found some Bluebell away from home.
    And it looks like you’re in baseball heaven – enjoy!


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