Head for the Hills

On Friday I drove from Phoenix up to Alpine, AZ. The first 4 hours or so was the same route driven on the trip to Show Low a couple of weeks ago. BUT, this time I took pictures. So, now you can add these pics to the descriptions from the Show Low post.

Coming out of PHX it’s very much a desert scene.Tonto3Tonto4tonto5

But at about 3000′ you get less rocks and cactus and more grass and shrubbery


This drive took me past Show Low at 6300′ for another 75 miles to Alpine at 8300′. The distinctive feature of that leg of the drive was the rolling golden meadows.


I reckon it’ll all green up right purty once photosynthesis has its way.

Alpine is barely a blip on the map: population about 150. If you look at a map it’s just about smack dab in the middle of the rectangle described by Flagstaff (203 miles away), Tucson (266 miles), Las Cruces (230 miles) and Albuquerque (223 miles) and 6 miles into AZ from the NM border. It’s in the White Mountain Range, about 8 miles south of Escudilla Mountain which peaks at 10,916′

My RV camp is located on the Coronado Trail Scenic Byway, a portion of US 191. Apparently the explorer Coronado passed this way back in 1540 or so. US 191 goes all the way from the Mexican border to the Canadian border, almost due north, interrupted only by Yellowstone Park.

morning in the mtn 5

It was a beautiful morning today, if a bit nippy.

morning in the mtn3morning in the mtn2morning in the mtn

Seemed like a drive up Escudilla Mountain was in order. A gravel/dirt road maintained by the Forest Service takes you up the mountain off Hwy 191. Still a bit of snow on the north faces.


Some of which I got up close and personal with.Escudilla Mtn (9)

It made for some nice panorama views.Escudilla Mtn (8)

A bit sad, though, is that the mountain still bears the scars of wildfires several years ago.Escudilla Mtn (10)

But, nature is in the process of healing itself, as it always seems to do.


One thought on “Head for the Hills”

  1. I’m traveling vicariously through your journey. Thanks for taking the time to share this beauty with us. Safe travels.



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