Adios, Alpine. For Now.

Heading out tomorrow after 2 weeks in Alpine, AZ. The weather here has been spectacular: sunny every day, high in the low 60s, lows at night 30ish. On top of that: mission accomplished. Went to escrow today on a house, scheduled to close May 31. More on that once the transaction closes.

In the meantime, stops are currently scheduled in Albuquerque, Colorado Springs, North Platte, NE, the Badlands of South Dakota, Dickinson, ND and Billings, MT. After that, hopefully some time in the Yellowstone area, but no definite plans.

How about those Astros! And Rockets! Haven’t had any TV here in Alpine, but I’ve listened to most of the Astros games on the radio. They are playing good ball (especially the pitching) but I don’t think they have hit their stride quite yet. Love me some Sirius XM!

The book on LBJ is very interesting. The guy was an absolute political animal. It strikes me that he and Bill Clinton were the most alike of any 2 Presidents during my lifetime, excepting the Bushes, for obvious reasons. Should finish LBJ in a couple of days. Not sure what will be up next on the reading list…


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