North, to Nebraska

Colorado Springs is always a nice place to spend a few days. I was there with the boys circa 2003 or 2004 and it was one of their favorite places among the places we have been. The town sits there fast against the “front range”, with Pikes Peak and a couple of other big ‘uns dominating the scenery. To the west: neck-stretching peaks, to the east, the end of the Great Plains.


The drive up from Albuquerque presented some interesting rock formations:


The RV park in Colorado Springs was not among my favorites. It was a nice setting alright, but when I was unhooking the Beast from the Big ‘un I had a moment of brain deadedness. Without boring you, dear reader, with the gory details, suffice to say I am now rolling without a tailgate. The park was a favorite among the local wildlife. This little lassie strolled right through my site, within 15-20 feet of my door.

And leaving for dinner one evening, 6 of it’s brethren were lolling around the entrance to the RV park:


I also saw a mess of turkeys wandering aimlessly through the park one evening.

Sunday I took in a Sky Sox game, which these days is the AAA affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers.


I’ve never understood that stadium. If they turned it 90 degrees to the west they would at least have views of the mountains to some extent. As it is, the mountains are not apparent at all, except from the parking lot. Baseball fans, remember this name: Lewis Brinson. Brewers #1 propsect is a complete stud. He played CF and he was all over the outfield. Big kid, very impressive at the plate.

Monday I went to a local park for a brief hike. This was right behind the Broadmoor Resort. I’ve known of the Broadmoor for years but had never seen it. Not that impressive from the outside.

I’m in North Platte, NE for the next 2 nights. It’s cold, cloudy, windy and muddy. Looks like a laundry day tomorrow. But, I cope:


An Italian petit verdot. Bit rough around the edges, as PVs can be.

I finished the LBJ book. Fascinating stuff. The author goes into great detail about how the 1948 Senate election was stolen by the LBJ team. It’s quite a dramatic story, far more involved than just the 87 vote  margin enjoyed by LBJ, which took days to determine (it was a very fluid situation, to say the least) and then was subject to being snatched away by further political and legal maneuvers. Thumbs up on the book. Next up:

The Sot-Weed Factor Audiobook

This is one of my all-time favorite works, now the third time through in the last 45 years. Set in the late 17th century and written in the style of the time, it tells the story of Ebenezer Cook, a feckless, bumbling, self-absorbed ignoramus of an intellectual intent on serving his commission as Poet Laureate of Maryland. A very colorful life unfolds all around him, but he’ll have none of it except as he sees it in his head. The language is so rich, full of simile and metaphor with constant historical references from the ancient Greeks to the political struggles of “current” times. Great fun.


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  1. Cool rock formations! The way the scenery changes is always interesting.

    Didn’t know there were so many deer. Awww 🦌❤️

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