Badlands, baby

Hanging out now at an RV park right on the doorstep of Badlands National Park, which is an unusual place. The default geography around here is grass prairie, but every now and then you see upthrusts or canyons of exposed “rock”. The rock erodes easily (really, it seems more like mud waiting to happen), they say at the rate of an inch a year. So, in 10,000 years, kaput! It does make for some very interesting sites, though. I took a ton of pictures. Here they come.


It seems this area was under water 75 million years ago. And then after the land thrust up it was quite tropical. As a result they have a rich fossil record in the area.

NE to SD4BadlandsBadlands2Badlands3


In several places they have clusters of junipers, as can be seen in the picture above. Kind of odd when they are on the side of the hill like that. Otherwise, not much in the way of trees, other than along a waterway. They get about 16 inches of rain a year.





I bet it would be especially interesting to view the area after a heavy rain.

This area of the country housed a bunch of missile silos during the Cold War, so of course they have found a way to memorialize that glorious chapter of our history.


Some of these historic sites have some odd things. This struck me as odd:


But mostly it made me yearn for the good old days when women knew how to wear hats and you could count on a mushroom cloud cake always nearby:


And here’s another thing I realized today walking through a gift shop. It’s official. We have too much wine.

too much wine


2 thoughts on “Badlands, baby”

  1. Thanks for all the great Badlands pics. I have to tell you that the Boss’s Badlands lyrics were playing in my head as I read your post. Thanks for the ear worm!😜


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